Journalist Christopher Morris is arrested by police during a rally of Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, at Radford University in Radford, Va., Monday, Feb. 29, 2016. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Trump’s Brownshirts And Jackboots

Oh yes, this is where it’s going. First, former Mexican President Vincente Fox called Trump “Hitler.”

Now, videos are coming out showing exactly how that comparison might be used.

I attended one Trump rally in Macon, Georgia, as credentialed media. I was sorry I did that–I should have gone with my political friends who were free to roam as they pleased. Trump, for reasons he hasn’t really explained, corrals the press in their fenced-off area and won’t let them leave while he’s on the podium. At some point before The Donald speaks, security sweeps the arena, rounds up the press and keeps them penned.

I tried to leave once or twice after the first 45 minutes of Trump’s blathering on, to talk to some attendees who were streaming for the exit, but was politely blocked. I had to stay to the end. Only a few select photographers are allowed out of the pen, and escorted to positions around the stage.

Listen, I can understand security and Secret Service and all, but it seemed a little extreme and odd to me. The other press, who follow Trump day-in and day-out, are used to it. But in this story, when veteran TIME and former White House photographer Christopher Morris attempted to cover actual news as Black Lives Matter protesters started chanting, the Secret Service manhandled him to the floor.

“I’ve worked for nine years at the White House and have never had an altercation with the Secret Service,” Morris says in a statement. “What happened today was very unfortunate and unexpected. The rules at Trump events are significantly stricter than other campaigns and make it very difficult to work as a photographer, as many others have pointed out before me. I regret my role in the confrontation, but the agent’s response was disproportionate and unnecessarily violent. I hope this incident helps call attention to the challenges of press access.”

Trump has had more people ejected from his events than all the other candidates combined. His supporters see it as a sign of strength. But most others see it as jackbooted thuggery. And he’s using the U.S. Government to execute his will, including throwing out black college students in Georgia who were doing nothing at all.

Don’t you see it coming?

Hillary Clinton will incinerate Trump in the general election. These images will never fade. They will be endlessly paraded before America starting the day after Trump wins the nomination until November. Trump thinks he can game the media, and he has done so with largely friendly coverage since July. But they will turn on him and serve their true masters.

To those who support Trump, who might be preparing to go out and vote for him: do you really think the Democrats are going to let him win the presidency? He’s more liberal than the character he’s playing, but with so much radioactive waste around him, the Democrats will absolutely annihilate Trump in November. And with it, they will destroy the only advocate for the causes you care about for many, many years.

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