Trump’s Campaign Is Self-Destructing

This is a spectacular fail. Shall we examine it? No GOP candidate in modern history has won the White House without Ohio–we’re talking since before 1976. Guess which state Donald Trump just cut ties with the state GOP chairman?

That’s right: Ohio. From CNN:

The campaign’s Ohio state director, Bob Paduchik, slammed Ohio GOP chairman Matt Borges in a letter Saturday to the state party’s central committee for wavering in his support for Trump in a series of recent interviews and announced that Borges “no longer has any affiliation with the Trump-Pence campaign.”

Paduchik said Trump is “very disappointed in Matt’s duplicity.”

“Mr. Trump told me, ‘This is why people have lost faith in the establishment and party leaders.’ I have to agree with him. Too often some leaders of our party have been quick to bail on candidates and principles; it’s why our nation is on the wrong track,” Paduchik said.

The Ohio GOP is a well-oiled machine, that delivered the state to Gov. John Kasich in the primary. Cutting ties with it “could be dangerously damaging to Trump’s chances of winning the presidency,” CNN’s Jeremy Diamond and Sara Murray wrote. The Nobel Prize in Understatement should be awarded to the pair for that statement.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing the self-destruction of the Trump campaign.

Whatever Donald Trump is doing, it’s very clear by now that it’s not trying to win an election (in fact, it appears he’s doing quite well trying to lose one to the most beatable Democrat since Mike Dukakis).

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