Trump’s Creepy ‘Condolences’ Tweet on Las Vegas

After a night of carnage in Las Vegas, President Trump tweeted his response to the worst shooting in U.S. history.

There’s something really off about this. Who tweets “warmest condolences” and “God bless you!” to families of the now-50 (and possibly more) dead from this horrible act? This is the kind of sentiment you offer to the family of a person who just died at a ripe old age of natural causes, not people gunned down in the street.

But nobody ever said Trump as “good with words.” Or that he had “normal human empathy.” As one Twitter user responded to me.

Other world leaders who have responded on Twitter offered similar sentiments, including those who Trump slammed when mass killings happened in their own country.


Remember what the “law and order” presidential candidate tweeted after the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting (that’s now the second deadliest mass shooting on U.S. soil)?

As I covered this story, I fought tears. I don’t think Trump cries over these kinds of things. I don’t think he sees the human angle. Not in Puerto Rico, and not in Las Vegas. When people die in horrible ways, he reacts like an automaton.

This evidence of a basic lack of empathy, along with his penchant for choosing words poorly, does not give much hope to Americans looking for compassion. These are not just faults we can ignore. They are core issues of Trump’s qualifications–or fitness, you could say–to do the job of the office he occupies.

We should be very concerned.

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