Trump’s Jew Money Dog Whistle Isn’t Even Subtle


The latest tweet from Trump Tower is a real eye-opener. A pile of money, a black-and-white of Hillary Clinton, and a Star of David with the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

This isn’t a random retweet from the Reichsführer bargain basement. Nope, it’s a Trump original. The dog whistle isn’t even subtle, because the meaning is fairly clear. Did Trump’s campaign go on and pay a Hamas freelancer to do this one? (For irony’s sake, is an Israeli company.)

Just in case you are a Trump supporter and “don’t get it,” here’s some of the Twitter reaction that had no problem smelling what Trump is stepping in.

The only remaining question is what would be worse, if Trump’s campaign made this graphic or if he got it from the alt-right?

Trump’s like a satellite in orbit–if you don’t like his inclination, just wait 90 minutes and he’ll pass by again with a different angle. On Friday, he tweeted this:

And less than 24 hours later, he tweets a pile of money with a Star of David on top. Nothing this man says, does, or tweets can be believed. What I can believe, is that he hauls enough scum and trash in his wake to threaten the lives of prominent Jews in America (not to mention Mexicans and others who don’t toe the Know-Nothing line).

UPDATE: Trump tweeted again, after having got the message. The Star of David is now a circle. He hasn’t yet deleted the original tweet, but it won’t be long.

In case he deletes the tweet, here’s a screen grab.


H/T to Resurgent colleague Jason Taylor for the heads-up on this.

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