Trump’s Riots Will Make Him The Republican Hubert Humphrey

There’s just no excuse for death threats, doxxing and rage in political campaigns. Where does Trump and his crew of bottom-feeding wannabe despots think this will lead?

They published the Colorado GOP chairman’s personal address and phone number. What did they think would happen?


House got thousands of phone calls “with many being the trashiest stuff you can imagine.” (From The Right Scoop).


Roger Stone is organizing #DaysOfRage for the convention this July. You know, just a few riots to warm the heart. Just handing out room numbers for Cruz delegates, that kind of thing. Nothing bad could come of that, right?

Nostalgia for 1968 must be very strong with the Trumpkins. Ten thousand protesters, 21,000 cops, National Guard and federal troops, and hundreds of injuries in Chicago. Of course, in Cleveland, things will be different.

Because Ohio has automatic reciprocity for every state’s concealed carry permits. Not that anyone will be packing. At least not at Quicken Loans Arena, where the Secret Service has banned firearms (except for theirs). But everywhere else, like hotel rooms?

Someone is going to get shot. Someone is going to get killed and it will be Trump’s fault.

And should Trump become the nominee, he will be the Republican Hubert Humphrey. And if you remember your history, here’s how that election turned out for the Democrats.


The pitchfork aristocracy cannot win, and riots are not the answer. Trump is not only going to burn down the GOP–he could burn down a whole lot more than that. His campaign is building and arming a bomb they may not be able to diffuse.

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