Trump’s Surprising Mother’s Day Message Contrasts With Liberals’ Macabre Wish

On Mother’s Day, two liberals and President Trump offered contrasting messages. But Trump’s message positively confounded the left.

Trump’s statement on Women’s Health Week focused on “working with Congress to help mothers–and fathers–have paid family leave,” and to invest in “community health centers” that offer care, without mentioning baby-killing or dead mothers.

This contrasts with blockbuster filmmaker Joss Whedon (The Agengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, etc.), who tweeted a particularly morbid wish for his late mother (NSFW).

How sweet of him. (And to remind Joss that 25 years ago was 1992, when George H.W. Bush was president, so presumably he’s also grateful that she missed 16 years of combined Clinton/Obama?) This is really an unfortunate descent into awful for Whedon, for me, because I think he’s a genius at storytelling, comics, music, and film. It’s a shame that the love of life and goodness he displays in fantasy doesn’t extend to real life.

One person whose macabre Mother’s Day message comports exactly with who she is and what we expect is Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards.

Nothing says “love” like a perverse Hallmark card (with sincere apologies to Hallmark):

I am so glad, mom, that you could have aborted me. In fact, I wish you did, so that you didn’t have the burden of loving me all these years. Happy Mother’s Day from your not-aborted son.

My old writing colleague Carmine Sabia had a better version.

Richards is sick with a deep rot of the soul.

The only one of these messages that celebrates life is the one person liberals hate to the point of wishing him dead. And the left is infuriated and confused. Feminist writer Lilian Min lamented in Cosmopolitan that the still-percolating ACHA “attacks Medicaid,” which, Min claims (citing another liberal writer’s opinion piece in the uber-left “The Root” to support her claim) “helps pay for half of the births in the United States.”

And this doesn’t account for other GOP healthcare initiatives like the defunding of Planned Parenthood, which at least in Texas seemed to actually increase maternal mortality rates.

Excuse me: what? Defunding the nation’s largest abortion provider, that allows born-alive babies to die on cold unsterile stainless steel tables, then throws them into the trash; that only calls 911 when the “mother” becomes unresponsive, and then has the ambulance pull up to the back door so nobody sees it, increases maternal mortality rates?

Whatever medication Min forgot to take, she really needs to get back on that prescription.

It seems that motherhood, to the left, is about dead mothers and dead babies, worth celebrating on Mother’s Day. Trump may not be perfect on pro-life issues, but at least he’s not a soul-rotting ghoul on the day Americans celebrate the one thing every human on the planet shares–a mother.

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