Trump: We Should Spend More on Healthcare

Donald Trump, in his unfiltered twitter glory, suggested today that we need to “add more dollars to Healthcare” in this country. The only redeeming quality of this tweet is the astoundingly poor word choice that districts from the incredibly leftist message.

Add more dollars? Who talks like that? “Spend more money” is the exact same number of characters. The tweet doesn’t have to sound like it’s written by an 8 year old. Seriously, did Bernie Sanders’ great grandson hack the President’s twitter? Was Donald hoping that his crazy word choice would distract people from his apparent plan to spend MORE money than Obama did?

Republicans have a real problem on their hands. Americans are well aware of Trump’s twitter tirades, his poor grasp of the English language, his divisive nature, and all of the baggage that comes with Donald Trump. But despite it all, we elected Donald Trump, largely because of 70,000 votes in blue states where Obamacare is destroying the middle class. Americans simply do not care about the clown show, they want this disaster fixed. That’s the good news.

The bad news? We have a President that has consistently advocated for an expensive, big government approach to healthcare. Creating a bigger, more expensive solution will only make things worse. Donald Trump is not advocating for a watered down, moderate bill that will suck a little bit less than Obamacare. This tweet calls for a “Republican” solution that “adds more dollars” to our healthcare system. He is literally asking Republicans to devise a plan that is more liberal than Obamacare.

If Republicans want to be successful in 2018, they need to reject this liberal nonsense. The American people are tired of the big government approach to healthcare. Also, someone please take away the President’s twitter.

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Sam Thomas

Sam is a youth minister, writer, political activist, and an avid fly fisherman. He coaches debate at Clark Atlanta University where he was named the 2016-17 Georgia Parliamentary Debate Coach of the Year.

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