Trump’s Underminers: Becoming Who They Hate

Back in the 90’s, when women were coming forward alleging Bill Clinton had raped or otherwise assaulted them, James Carville suggested that if you “drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.”

Republicans pounced on the line that Carville was attacking Clinton’s accuses as trailer trash. They demanded that Democrats stop attacking the victims and treat their allegations seriously.

Now, Trump and surrogates are attacking the women who’ve come forward about him as ugly. In fact, on MSNBC the other day, one of Trump’s defenders, AJ Delgado, defended Trump bringing up the looks of the accusers. Notably, she said

“when you have somebody claiming that you sexually assaulted them, you have brought looks into the equation.”

No, you really haven’t. But that won’t stop Trump’s defenders from stooping to the levels they once attacked Democrats for stooping. Trump and his supporters may be beneath civility and good manners, but nothing is beneath them. They are like the Underminer from The Incredibles.

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