Trump’s Whining Can’t Overshadow That Ted Cruz is Just Better at This

The Trump campaign and the Branch Trumpidians would have you believe that Ted Cruz is out to steal the nomination from Trump. The Drudge Report and various other outlets and mouthpieces are strongly suggesting what Cruz is doing is anti-democratic. The reality is that Ted Cruz is just meticulously following and taking advantage of the rules. Trump, a man who prides himself in his business finesse, is not nearly as good at it. In fact, what we know today is that Trump got really bad advice from his top men.

The man who prides himself on hiring only the best of the best had those top men tell him the race was over after South Carolina.

Soon after Mr. Trump’s wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina, some of his top advisers assured him that the fight would be over shortly. That was weeks ago. Around that time, some in Mr. Trump’s circle urged him to bring in a more-seasoned group of top operatives. If Mr. Trump loses Wisconsin to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, as polls suggest he is on track to do, he is likely to reassess just how his campaign has served him in a variety of contests in which he was in contention, but lost.

As a result of that terrible advice that failed to appreciate the real level of opposition to Trump, they sat on their hands. Meanwhile, the Cruz campaign pulled out the rule book and meticulously followed it in the delegate selection process. The result? Cruz is winning the Arizona delegates in a state where Trump won the vote. So while Arizona’s delegates may be bound to Trump on the first vote, once they are no longer bound they can go with the guy they want.

That is not stealing the election. That is playing by the rules. The rules work against Trump because he is a jackass only about a third of the voters actually like him. But worse for Trump, it turns out the most Republican of Republican voters really cannot stand Trump and the rules favor those people being delegates.

The whining about a stolen election just cannot overshadow the fact that Ted Cruz is actually better at this than Trump. Trump may have been winning the elections, but had he bothered to figure out the system he would have known early on that winning the primary is not the same as winning the delegates.

Sucks for him. Oh well. But really folks, a man whose businesses have filed for bankruptcy so consistently as Trump’s can’t be expected to run an operation like this.

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