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From the AJC (link requires registration).

If you want to get your arms around the breadth and depth of the Republican revolution that occurred in rural Georgia three weeks ago, it’s worth taking a quick drive to Tom Murphy’s old stomping grounds.

As the century turned, Haralson County was still a firm bastion of yellow dogs. And the lead dog was Murphy, the longtime House speaker, a man of Rooseveltian heritage who hated all things Republican. But Murphy was defeated in 2002, and suffered a stroke early this year.

On Nov. 2, just 10 months after Murphy was incapacitated, Haralson County filled the vacuum with a Republican to head a shiny new county government. And not just any Republican. Allen Poole, a former state trooper, is an African-American in a county that’s 93 percent white.

What Herman Cain tried in the U.S. Senate primary, what Dylan Glenn attempted in a congressional race, Poole accomplished with little fanfare in west Georgia: In the race for chairman of the County Commission, he won a Republican primary against a white candidate, then went on to win a general election contest as well. Against a white independent.

The Democratic Party in Murphy’s county didn’t field a candidate in the race for the top seat in local government.

Poole says, “I’m a born-again Christian. Most Christians are conservative. Most conservatives are Republican”

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