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Trying to Comprehend Liberal Reactions to Las Vegas

A liberal Facebook “friend” thought it would be funny to post this extremely tasteless attempt at a joke:

Imagine being in a hotel room and having to listen to 3 days of country music…

I didn’t bother trying to hide my disgust at his callous remark. However, I wasn’t terribly surprised to discover that’s what this particular friend thought might be amusing, in the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in American history. This same person had deliberately attracted my attention by coming to my Facebook wall to propose that the solution to the massacre in Las Vegas was “gun control.” His comment irritated me because it has become the mantra and theme of liberal politics, and I know it just isn’t true.

As this Washington Post editorial explains, gun control is not the solution — not when the problem is that someone wants to commit mass murder. If guns are illegal, the mass murderer will just use illegal guns. Or bombs. Or a truck.

Naturally, as I realized that as liberals were trying to provoke me, I needed to consider the source. Even though we’ve never met in person or even spoken to each other on the phone, I happened to know this particular person isn’t an American citizen. His politics are liberal, and he’s an atheist. All three of those factors helped form the toxic output from his mind.

Usually, I try to cut this particular guy a little slack because he’s an atheist with whom I can sometimes have a halfway decent conversation, but when the joke is at the expense of 58 victims dead so far, with over 500 more people wounded, I could find nothing to laugh about.

Well, except maybe the guy who was probably drunk and caught on camera making an obscene gesture known as “flipping the bird” in the direction of the shooter provided a brief moment of levity in an otherwise grim, very depressing story.

Usually, when my liberal friends post something on Facebook that annoys me, I’ll just change the subject to an interest we might share in common. Like music, for example. But not today. I wasn’t in the mood to be a conduit used to spread partisan liberal political talking points on social media, but reinforcements were on the way.

Several others that matched the same basic profile (liberal, atheist, and a foreigner, not an American citizen) swooped in like vultures ready to feast on raw emotions. One person even had the audacity to suggest that we have no right to complain about gun violence after 28 children had been murdered at Sandy Hook elementary school, and yet no new gun laws were passed. The problem with that argument is that Adam Lanza was mentally ill, and the guns used in the crime didn’t belong to him. I believe that’s about when I asked these people if any of them had even a shred of human decency. I politely asked them to take their conversation somewhere else, before I really lost my temper. I was sad, appalled, and growing more angry by the minute. Disturbingly, these people are not isolated exceptions. The lame stream media and Democrat politicians were insisting that this is no time to score political points, as they feverishly tried to score a political point.

A vice president for CBS was deservedly fired the day after the Las Vegas massacre (the most horrific case of terrorism since 9/11) for announcing on social media that she felt absolutely no sympathy for the victims, because they were probably Republicans who voted for Donald Trump. Does this woman lack even a shred of human decency? How could anyone think of celebrating, gloating, or taunting their perceived political enemy at one of the darkest moments in modern American history?

In his effort to twist the story narrative to a conversation about gun control,  CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny speculated the victims probably were Trump supporters for some strange reason, as if their political preferences might have factored in the attack, or in the response from the President. He seemed to be implying the President would naturally care more about the crowd in Las Vegas than the people in Puerto Rico suffering from hurricane damage, presumably because the people in Las Vegas probably voted for him.

Hillary Clinton felt the need to go on Twitter and lecture Americans that we should put politics aside while our nation mourns…for a moment that apparently lasted all of about two seconds.

With her very next tweet, Hillary blamed the deaths in Las Vegas on the NRA, even trying to make some weird connection between the massacre and the political debate over “silencers” (technically known as sound suppressors), even though gunshots can clearly be heard on audio recordings of the attack. The problem was that people initially mistook the popping sounds for firecrackers going off during a loud concert.

There have been no reports of the assassin using a sound suppressor, but we all know that won’t stop a politician from trying to score a political point or push an agenda. It should, but it never does. As we continue to seek knowledge of the killer’s potential motives for this heinous crime, perhaps we should learn about situations where the unthinkable didn’t happen — what could possibly explain the so-called Miracle at Cokeville?

The killers in that horrific incident built a bomb, planning to deliberately murder every child in the school. The bomb exploded, as they intended.

Yet inexplicably, only the killers died. The murders at Sandy Hook would have paled in comparison to Cokeville, had the plan succeeded to wipe out an entire generation in a small rural community with a homemade weapon of mass destruction. But not many know the story of Cokeville, because the children were somehow spared by a miracle.

The atheists perpetually struggle with the problem of theodicy, which begs the question, why God allows evil in this world? I don’t know if mine is the right answer, but my reply is always “free will.”

In my opinion, the second greatest gift we have from God, after the gift of life itself, is the gift of free will. We are not slaves. We aren’t forced to conform to God’s will. We are free to choose between good and evil.

The real question is, why do so many humans choose to commit despicable acts of virtually incomprehensible evil? The real problem isn’t that an evil or insane person managed to get a gun. The problem is that an evil person wants to commit evil deeds. A gun itself isn’t inherently evil, no more than a knife or a hammer is evil. It all depends on how the gun, knife, or hammer is used.

The only real and permanent solution to this problem is to beg for God’s forgiveness, ask for His mercy, and resist temptation to become evil ourselves. We can’t pretend that evil doesn’t exist anymore, because it keeps getting prevalent every day.

This reminds me of the infamous quote from longtime Democrat political operative (and current major of Chicago) Rahm Emanuel:

“You never want a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that, is that it’s an opportunity to do things that you did not think you could do before.”

Maybe you shouldn’t do them because it’s wrong to just do as you please.

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