Trying to Make Your Movement Sound Like Nazism Isn’t the Way to Win

From “National Socialism” to “Nationalist Populism.” There’s no Godwin’s Law here. That is the terminology now deployed over at Breitbart in this ridiculously stupid propaganda piece by Matthew Boyle.

JANESVILLE, Wisconsin — The sitting Speaker of the House, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), has been brought to his knees, bowing down before the almighty nationalist populist movement, as his life’s work—a career in politics—flashes before his eyes.
Regardless of what happens as results start trickling in a little after 8 p.m. locally tonight, Ryan has been forced by Republican businessman Paul Nehlen—his primary challenger—to kiss the ring of nationalist populism in order to fight for his political career.

Using the phrase “Nationalist populism” really isn’t helpful, I would think, to a cause that is already being highlighted for attracting the David Dukes, alt-right, and Neo-nazis of the world.

But then again, it turns out its more bowel movement than political movement. Despite the propaganda, Paul Ryan did not kiss any rings, but rather Donald Trump went to Wisconsin to make amends instead of Ryan going to Trump Tower.

Likewise, given the blowout victory Ryan saw and the current polling in the Presidential race, there really is no movement at all — just a website tarnishing the name of a dead man and handful of radio shows.

If “Nationalist populism” is down double digits in Pennsylvania and causing both Arizona and Georgia to become toss up states right now, as well as losing Florida and North Carolina, I really don’t think anyone is going to take this nonsense seriously.

They have put up a candidate who discredits the very real grievances a lot of Americans have about both parties. The fallout from this will be severe. There truly is a disconnect between the governing elites in Washington and the American people. But when the American people put up a guy like Trump and back people like Paul Nehlen, why the hell should the major parties take the people seriously? It just reinforces their contempt for the populace as a whole even though the American people do have very real and accurate grievances about what Washington is doing.

Add on the phrase “Nationalist populism” and that piece of trash Boyle wrote and it looks more like even the backers of this movement don’t really take it seriously. It’s just a clown show conning real people who are really hurting.

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