Turns Out @RealDonaldTrump is a Chicken

News reports note that Donald Trump and his campaign have decided to restrict his access to reporters because they’ve gone chicken that he might not have the knowledge to answer tough questions.

He won’t do Sunday shows. In fact, he won’t do press interviews at all outside of his personal safe spaces.

This is the man who claims he can stand up to ISIS and China and Mexican rapists, but now he is too chicken to take questions from the press that are not pre-screened.

Heck, even at his meeting of evangelicals his staff pre-screened questions so he would not get asked a difficult one like, “Do you know the name of Mary and Joseph’s son who was nailed to a cross?”

Trump goes all over the country talking about how brave he is, but is really a coward and now his campaign is sheltering him from questions lest we realize he is truly a dolt.

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