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Twitter Angers Liberals By Being (Gasp!) Impartial

Twitter has quietly rolled out an abuse filter that seems to be more effective than past efforts at curbing its troll problem. The details are rather fuzzy (on purpose), but multiple media outlets are reporting that Twitter is putting some accounts in “time out” if they appear to be abusive.

“Time out” means that only an account’s own followers can see its tweets, versus everyone mentioned or searching hashtags for a limited period of time. Although the long-term success of this latest effort remains to be seen, it’s proving to be a thorn in liberals’ sides because it’s too–impartial.

Both Gizmodo and CNBC reported on the sad case of Victoria Fierce, who went full “Hamilton” on Vice President Mike Pence and received a time out for her effort.

Gizmodo called the filter “overzealous,” because it works on liberals as well as “alt-right” members spreading cuckiness throughout the Twitterverse. See, in liberal-world, abusing the administration (when it’s Republican) is considered “free speech,” while right-leaning trolls are “abuse.” They don’t get why Twitter can’t get it right.


They complained that the filters seem to take more offense to bad language aimed at the president and vice president versus other less visible figures.

I was curious about how sensitive these filters were, so I started tweeting various objectionable content to various verified accounts. Amazingly, as soon as I tweeted “[f***] you @VP” or “[f***] you @POTUS,” my test accounts were immediately limited for 12 hours. Other Gizmodo colleagues had similar results, always after tweeting @VP or @POTUS. In my tests, tweeting the same content to other verified users (including @RealDonaldTrump), did not result in any time outs. From an outside perspective, it certainly looks like the POTUS and VP accounts are given certain abuse protections that might not apply to others.

Twitter responded by assuring the reporter that they are treating everyone equally. But that’s not what liberals want. They want to be treated more than equally.

CNBC summed up the left’s complaint nicely.

For Fierce, the new lockdowns fall victim to a similar problem. “Politically, I think this sends a message that Twitter considers all forms of abuse equal,” she says. “To their systems, a white supremacist calling for shooting a person of color is just as bad as an angry Latinx renter telling their city’s rent board to [f***] off.”

Aww, poor little babies.

Do they want Twitter to install a mind-reading subroutine that determines the political alignment of the user and only filters conservatives? Is there a way for a computer program to determine what’s “liberal abuse” and what’s “conservative abuse?”

Perhaps they want the company to hire an army of liberal tweet censors who sit in front of large consoles, Matrix-like, picking out the conservative, “alt-right,” and other objectionable tweets they consider to be abuse, and randomly assigning time out penalties to those users. Maybe even banning them for good.

The first account they’d ban would be @realDonaldTrump, except that would prevent them from tweeting profanities at it.

Seriously, lefties, Twitter can’t do what you want. If they could, they would (Jack Dorsey shares the left’s values), but they have something called a “business” to run. Even Gizmodo noted that Twitter’s troll problem has hurt its ability to find a buyer.

But now that the company seems to have taken effective steps to solve its biggest problem, the left would rather Twitter fail and die than–gasp!–be impartial. SMH.

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