Twitter, Inc. Refers to The Resistance as “Human Error”

Earlier today, Twitter announced that Donald Trump’s Twitter account had been rendered inactive for eleven minutes. They attributed it to “human error” and were investigating.

It turns that the human error was actually a member of The Resistance. A Twitter employee on his/her last day on the job, decided to take it upon himself to turn off Donald Trump’s personal twitter account. The employee, probably a millennial, determined that his judgment should reign supreme and he could be the sole arbiter of the President’s Twitter account.

This is a typical leftist who takes it upon himself to do something like this. The baker and florist must be shut down rather than allowed to run a business imbued with their values. And the President’s Twitter account should be shutdown because he says things people dislike. Things cannot just be ignored. They must be shut down.

Twitter has turned back on the account and the employee was on his last day. Whether that was because Twitter won’t let them back in the building or not is left unsaid and unknown. Right now, though, some leftwing publication is racing to find the person and declare him a hero.

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