Twitter Keeps Screwing Up Twitter

Now they’re going for an algorithm, which will probably shortchange conservatives as much as “Moments.” Had you followed Moments a few weeks ago, you’d have never known the March for Life was happening.

I have a better fix for Twitter. Instead of using an algorithm, why not give people options for their mentions time line.

For example, like Facebook has restrictive to expansive options for visibility, Twitter could allow you to just see mentions from friends, see mentions from friends and people your friends follow, or see every mention. Currently, verified Twitter users have an option to just see mentions from other verified users. That should be expanded.

The problem is really not that Twitter shows too much information, but that Twitter is a tool for harassment and people have to actively mute or block the harassment. Doing this would make it easier to use the product without having to be unwillingly subjected to trolls.

After all, most people view twitter as a place for a water cooler conversation with friends, etc. Letting the hecklers outside the window come in defeats that purpose. But having Twitter provide an algorithm for content — a particularly bad idea in times of crisis, breaking news, or elections — adds to many variables and seeds of distrust.

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