Two Headlines the GOP Should Worry About

First, in Virginia, Hillary Clinton holds a fourteen point lead over Donald Trump because he is even more deeply unpopular than she is. Only in the Southwest of the state, which is highly Republican, does Trump get over 50%.

But in all the other areas of the state, including the Tidewater area and the Northern exurbs where Republicans tend to do okay, Trump is getting crushed. His message is not breaking through to anyone, largely because of how negatively voters view him. The only voters voting for him are the habitual Republican voters.

Second, Hillary Clinton is maintaining her lead nationally because voters doubt Trump’s temperament. 42% of voters think Clinton has the temperament to be President, but only 17% of voters think Trump does. What’s amazing is that voters give both Clinton and Trump terrible ratings for caring about them, sharing their values, and being honest and trustworthy. But Clinton is still dominating Trump because of temperament.

At some point voters are going to start asking themselves how Republican leaders can still stand by someone the voters believe so strongly is unfit for office. That’s going to start impacting Senate races.

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