Two More Pictures Every Republican Delegate Needs to See

The first is from FiveThirtyEight. It shows the swings in states Romney won. In all but two states, there have been swings toward Hillary Clinton. In other words, Donald Trump massively underperforms Mitt Romney in fifteen states. He only outperforms Romney in two states. On top of that, some of the states should be solidly red, but are not. Kansas, for example, currently leans Clinton based on polling averages. Utah should be solidly for Trump, but is only barely for Trump. The same is true in Arizona and Georgia.

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Trump cannot just focus on the swing states because his nomination puts in play states that no other Republican would be losing and, it is worth noting, there are no solidly Democrat states currently at risk because of Hillary Clinton’s nomination.

On top of that, we need to consider the swing state funding. NBC News brings us this terrible data.


Trump’s cult keeps saying, “but it is still so close.” Is it really? Both candidates have extraordinarily high name identification, most all of the negative attacks against Hillary Clinton are already over known issues, and most of the attacks the Democrats will be hurling at Trump have never been aired before.

On top of that, Clinton still leads in most swing states in a nation pretty evenly divided and, on top of that, is now ahead in places like Kansas and almost tied in places like Arizona, Georgia, and Utah — states no Democrat should even be competitive in.

Trump is an unmitigated disaster for the GOP and its delegates need to free themselves and find a new nominee. The circumstances have changed since Trump won Indiana. He did not receive a majority of the Republican vote in the primary cycle. We need to beat Clinton, but we must stop Trump to do it.

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