Unborn Children Can Recognize Faces – Amazing for Just a Blob of Cells

What must it be like to continue trying to maintain the scientifically absurd and morally repugnant view that babies in the womb are meaningless, lifeless, humanity-less blobs of cells? It’s 2017, after all.

What is astounding is that the same political movement that works itself into a lather over someone who rejects the apocalyptic predictions of man-made global warming hysteria, or someone who rejects the untenable assumptions behind Darwinian evolution, believing that such individuals are “science deniers,” continue to associate with those who continue advocating the acceptability of feticide.

If the left wants to have any credibility on the subject of science, they have no choice but to disavow the backwards abortion gaggle that can only defend its cause by turning a blind eye towards everything we know about the prenatal development of human beings, which now includes this:

Babies can recognise faces while still in the womb, new research suggests.


Incredible moving images of unborn infants before their birth, shows that they turn their heads towards shapes which resemble faces – with the position of eyes and nose picked out.  But when they see a random shape, they ignore it, scientists at Lancaster University have found.


The finding suggests that the instinct to recognise facial features develops before a baby has even see its first face.  It also shows that an unborn baby’s senses are already well developed and parents should begin interacting with their child while it is still in the womb.


Remember that the only legal justification for the practice of abortion hinges completely on the notion, prevalent in 1973, that the baby in the womb is not yet “human enough” to receive legal protection. Popularly this is what is articulated as the “clump of cells” argument.

It’s amazing what these clumps of cells are able to do, isn’t it? With their functioning nervous systems, hearts pumping the baby’s unique blood type through their tiny bodies, and minds capable of recognizing faces from within the womb, you’d almost think these were actual human beings. But that’s if you’re going to let science speak instead of politics.

Planned Parenthood and their purchased politicians aren’t interested in that. Instead they continue to advocate and defend laws that allow for full term, third trimester babies to be dismembered legally with forceps and pincers.

Professor Vincent Reid, a psychologist at Lancaster University who led the research: “The foetus in the third trimester actively seeks out information.


“In our study they had to move their head to keep looking at the face-like stimulus when we moved it away from them. So they are active participants in finding information from the environment. What this means is that other ways of interacting with the fetus can be considered.


“The foetus in the third trimester can hear very well. I would encourage expecting parents to read books out loud to each other. This can help with bonding and could be beneficial.”

He doesn’t say so, but I’m assuming Dr. Reid suggests this only for the parents who don’t decide to murder the child instead.

Let’s be honest about who and what we are as a society. So long as feticide remains legal in America, we are not civilized and we are not people who respect the sanctity of science. We are narcissists who are willing to permit barbarism of the most vicious kind, so long as it comports with our politics.

Maybe it’s time we grow up?

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