Under the Radar, A Grassroots Army Grows

What if there were a grassroots army that could go marching into a state and help get conservatives elected, all while flying under the radar. What if they could parachute into a district a ground team to survey the landscape, find door to door volunteers, and even run advertisements to get conservative elected?

That would be a powerful grassroots army. And the reality is it already exists.

The Madison Project is dedicated to grassroots activism to get conservatives across the country elected. Hated by Washington elites, the Madison Project shows up quietly, builds out a grassroots army for conservatives, and then door knocks and phone banks and more. It gives conservatives, often underfunded and shunned by the establishment, a mobile army of trained activists in their own district.

I’ve long been a fan of the Madison Project and appreciate their sponsorship of The Resurgent this week.

If you go support the Madison Project this week, you’re going to get one heck of an awesome “Choose Cruz” t-shirt. Go check them out now.

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