I am convinced that Trump’s hard core supporters are difficult (if not impossible) to convince that their candidate/idol is not what they believe he is. Even mental giants such as Newt Gingrich have succumbed to Trump’s siren song.

But they are not a majority. They are not silent either. (Trump’s point being that he wakes non-political people up from their slumber–that the “silent majority” is silent no more. In case you missed that or were denying it.)

Trump is unelectable. #UnelectableDonald.

A vote for Trump is a vote for nothing. A thrown away vote. A birthday card sent to a deceased person. An anniversary card for a divorced couple. A wedding gift to the couple who cancelled their engagement. I could go on, but the uselessness of a vote for Trump can’t be overestimated.

Trump has never achieved a flat majority of votes in any primary.

trump percents

He flirted with it in Massachusetts, Arizona and Nevada. Massachusetts is home to the biggest hive of socialists outside the Kremlin. Arizona is front-and-center on the immigration problem, and Nevada celebrates sin.

Although Republicans have in many ways been enamored with Trump in a split race of divide and conquer, he can barely muster 40 percent even where he’s most popular.

Comparisons to Ronald Reagan are just silly. Reagan, nationally, achieved a 59.8% majority in the primaries, against John Anderson (who went third party), Howard Baker, George H.W. Bush (who joined Reagan in a unity ticket after staying in through May), Bob Dole, Phil Crane, and John Connally.

In Reagan’s primary race, nobody withdrew before March 5. At this point in the race, Reagan was in a 4-man race after 11 primaries. Trump is in a 3-man race after 13 primaries. Reagan crushed everyone with absolute majorities in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida and Georgia with 5 well-known candidates running.


Meanwhile, Trump can’t even beat Cruz in Wisconsin. The latest Monmouth poll has him behind in the Badger State, with a possible endorsement of Cruz coming from the Throne of Skulls Governor Scott Walker. And that’s with Kasich pulling 19 percent, mostly from Cruz voters. Without Kasich, Cruz would be well over 50 percent.

It’s a fact. Donald Trump is unelectable.

Unelectable Donald will not win a majority in Wisconsin.  The polls show Trump with a flat majority in New York, but that primary is 3 weeks away, an eternity in primary season, with only North Dakota (which Cruz will win) and Wisconsin between now and then.

Trump has not won a majority of voters in any election. He will not win a majority in just about every state in the general election.

The best case is Trump losing 329 to 209.


It could be much worse.


The best way to stop Trump from hijacking the GOP into an unmitigated disaster is for people to realize that a vote for Trump is a vote for nothing. A vote thrown away.

#UnelectableDonald will never be president. He will never win a majority.

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