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University Bans Professor For “Siding With Christians In The Culture War”

Colin Kaepernick’s publicity-grabbing, America-hating stunts have blossomed during the past year. Dozens of NFL players have joined in, prompting reactions from both the President and Vice President that have added to the frenzy.

Kaepernick’s distraction has been a spectacular success, at least for him (though NFL owners might see things slightly differently). Virtually nobody discusses how much Kaepernick sucks as a quarterback.  Instead, nearly everyone who talks about him does so to opine, favorably or unfavorably, about his disrespect of the flag.

The University of Montana (UM) in Missoula is stealing a page from Kaepernick’s playbook (his political playbook, that is – his old 49’ers playbook is collecting dust). Like Kaepernick, UM’s best days are long gone, as explained last week by liberal Montana blogger James Conner:

[UM] once was the state’s flagship university. Now that designation belongs to Montana State University. UM has become a sinking ship, its enrollment and reputation declining. No one seems to know why, let alone how to arrest and reverse the decline….Missoula is an old timber town, its logging and smokejumper heydays behind it, with a reputation, possibly unearned, as a panhandler’s paradise with a rape culture on and off campus. Where would you rather send your daughter to college? Where would she prefer to attend college?

Indeed, UM is a rapists’ paradise, especially rapists who play football better than Kaepernick can, which is a lot of them.

UM, like Kaepernick, seeks to distract attention away from failures by spitting on an American tradition – flags in Kaepernick’s case, free speech in UM’s. But for a university to get the same attention for its leftwing jackassery that Kaepernick gets for his, it must outdo, for example, the conservative-hating Antifa sympathizers who control Berkeley, or the conservative-hating professors at the University of Missouri who call for “muscle” when questioned by the press.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and UM’s leaders may have figured out how to one-up their better-known comrades in Berkeley and Columbia, Missouri: ban professors who “sid[e] with Christians in the culture war.”

So now Dr. Mike S. Adams has been uninvited as the speaker for the tenth annual Jeff Cole Lecture sponsored by Maria Cole, a longtime benefactor of UM’s School of Journalism. Dr. Adams has been a professor at the University of North Carolina (UNC) since 1993, and has been selected in two different years as UNC’s “Professor of the Year.”

But Dr. Adams also writes for the conservative Townhall blog. Worse, he’s a Christian – the really icky kind that takes the Bible seriously.

Indulging rapist football players is one thing. But subjecting UM’s J-School snowflakes to the opinions of a Christian academic is quite another, and Larry Abramson is having none of it. Abramson spent his career drawing a salary from NPR, the taxpayer-subsidized propaganda arm of the government. He lacks the savvy and intellect to hack it in the private sector, thereby making him the perfect J-School Dean. Abramson put his sleuthing skills to work, dug up the dirt on Dr. Adams, and laid it out in an email to Cole:

If you jump in at 3:30 on the link at the bottom, you can hear him talking about his opposition to tolerance of transgender accommodations. He appears to be siding with Christians in the “culture war.” In this one he talks about his efforts to make sure that abortion providers give time to Christian speakers, in the interest of freedom of speech. He also talks about the prevalence of “cultural Marxism,” and exclusively speaks on right wing sites. In this one, he talks about why he will no longer allow “illegal aliens” into his classes. I think we can find a speaker who will talk about free speech issues, without running the risk of offending students. We can still have a conversation with him if you want, but he is pretty extreme in his views. (emphasis added).

Censoring conservatives, Christian conservatives in particular, is what passes for intellectualism at the “University” of Montana. Professors, students, and outside speakers holding a Christian worldview need not apply to Montana’s fake university.

So obsessed is Abramson with maintaining ideological purity that he apparently overlooked Dr. Adams’ prevailing in Adams v. UNC-Wilmington, a case in which the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit held that UNC could not use Dr. Adams’ online blogging to deny him a full professorship.

In other words, UM might have picked the wrong dude to silence, as I suspect the school is being told by university counsel at this very moment.

But nobody would accuse UM’s deans and faculty of being the sharpest knives in the drawer. Certainly not Montana college students. Most of them now enroll at Montana State University in Bozeman, which has seen enrollment explode while UM’s has plummeted.

Even UM’s brain-dead faculty and staff can read the handwriting on the wall. They’ve been fleeing in droves to take advantage of buyouts. Like Abramson, few have any real prospects in the real world. But they’ve calculated, reasonably, that current severance packages resulting from voluntary departures this year are likely to be far more generous than anything they’ll get if they stick around and get laid off next year.

UM’s School of Journalism, in particular, has sunk to the bottom of the university’s trash heap. In fairness to Abramson, the shortcomings of the school’s alums were evident before he took the helm. Take, for example, the refusal of Montana’s press corps to report in 2014 on how then-Sen. John Walsh (D-MT) plagiarized a thesis while attending the U.S. Army’s War College. None of the state’s reporters would touch the story. Montana voters had to look to the New York Times, of all places, to discover just how big of a fraud their Democrat senator was. Montana’s press corps finally followed up after the Times broke the story, leading Walsh to abandon his campaign shortly thereafter.

Having anti-Christian bigots training tomorrow’s Montana “journalists” won’t increase the scrutiny upon the state’s public officials – at least not the ones with a “D” behind their names.

I noticed that Dr. Adams got an RT from Ann Coulter on Twitter yesterday. So here’s a suggestion for Matt Rosendale and Al Olszewski, the two actual conservatives running for Montana’s U.S. Senate seat. Invite Ann, or Ben Shapiro (or both) to attend a free-speech rally in Missoula like the ones in Berkeley. It would generate a truckload of free press, remind Montana’s Republican primary voters that they live in the most anti-free speech state in the nation, and make UM’s campus appear less deserted, at least temporarily. And a free-speech rally in Missoula would certainly draw a bigger crowd of Republicans than the eight saps who showed up on Tuesday for the campaign kick-off for Russell Fagg, the MTGOP establishment’s waterboy for U.S. Senate.

And if recent events at the University of Missouri are any guide, there might be an even bigger benefit. Missouri’s failure to respond to thuggish Ferguson-inspired students and faculty resulted in thousands of normal students, i.e., ones looking for a useful education, fleeing to other schools. Should the same spotlight that shined upon Mizzou’s speech Nazis also shine upon Missoula’s, resulting in a similar exodus of students on top of the thousands Missoula has already lost, UM might shut down permanently. Montana’s taxpayers would save hundreds of millions of dollars, and Montana’s future college students would avoid the mistake of enrolling in a fake university.

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