Unlike the Journos at MSNBC, Capitol Hill Cops Are Professionals

Not to beat a dead horse, but when you’re right, you’re right–and boy, was I ever right when I said that while the rare show of bipartisan unity after the attempted assassination of Republican congressmen last week was good and proper, there was no way the American news media would ever allow it to last.  It took the New York Times less than a day to prove my point, with an editorial so deliberately devoid of fact and reason that the paper was forced to run a correction.  Now, not wanting to be left out, MSNBC’s own Joy Reid has decided to hop on the hate train and show everyone that there’s something about Twitter that short-circuits the ability of even Harvard graduates to tell the difference between profundity and stupidity:

This plays a lot like some talking point that progressives have cooked up to somehow justify the shooting of Steve Scalise, because like a dutiful parrot, George Takei (who is making it increasingly difficult for me to enjoy watching classic Star Trek), tweeted out a similar line:

Oh my.  Where to begin?

I’m going to ignore George, because, frankly, he’s a complete jerk (if you want to see just how bad of a jerk, watch Comedy Central’s roast of William Shatner sometime;  Takei is the only one there not having any fun).  Joy Reid, however, is supposed to be a well-educated, highly-trained journalist whose job description literally includes keeping the public informed about current events.  In that regard, one would at least hope that she leaves said public smarter than before she started talking–but apparently that’s too much to ask, if the bad faith on display in her tweeting as any indication.

To wit:

  • Because Capitol Hill Police officer Crystal Griner is in fact black and a lesbian, Reid assumes she must disagree with Steve Scalise politically.  Perhaps this is true, but did Reid ever bother to ask Officer Griner her opinion?  Not that I’ve seen.
  • In highlighting the fact that Officer Griner is black and a lesbian, Reid has elevated these aspects of Griner’s life to paramount importance–but did she ever bother to ask whether or not Griner herself considers them a big deal?  Most cops I’ve known identify primarily as cops.  It’s more than what they do for a living, it’s who they are.  I’m guessing that from the selfless and heroic way in which Griner conducted herself, devotion to duty is what’s most important to her.
  • Even if you take for granted that Officer Griner’s politics differ from Steve Scalise, she took a bullet for him.  That’s what cops on a protective detail do–and it demonstrated a level of professionalism that Joy Reid, as a journalist, is completely incapable of showing.

Reid, you see, can’t just let a hero be a hero, because that would risk bringing conservatives and liberals closer together–and as a member of the media in good standing, she can’t allow that to happen.  Better to taint that bravery with politics and keep the pot stirred, rather than have us all get along for a few days and see if maybe we can ratchet the tensions in this country down a notch or two.

The contrast between Crystal Griner and Joy Reid couldn’t be clearer.

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