President Barack Obama speaks during his farewell address at McCormick Place in Chicago, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Unlike the Real Jesus, the Obamessiah Will Not Rise Again

A man confident of his place in history would not need to talk about himself for nearly an hour defending his legacy. Barack Obama gave a longer valedictory address than Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton. Theirs both came at twenty minutes or less while Obama droned on for nearly an hour. It was as if he thought he could filibuster history itself, and who can blame him. Barack Obama departs the White House finally realizing that progressives do not bend history, but rather history bends people. And history bent the Democratic Party over the last eight years, decimating their ranks down to the municipal level.

Now, unexpectedly and with no preparation, Barack Obama is about to see his legacy swept away. It is a pretty damning indictment of his legacy that major media outlets went from claiming Obamacare could not be undone to claiming that even if it were undone it had permanently changed things. That is more an admission of failure than anything else.

Barack Obama should be praised for being a beacon of familial stability for eight years. He has been a good husband and good father. He has done both in an international spotlight under the extraordinary pressures that only four other living people can truly appreciate, i.e. a Carter, two Bushes, and one Clinton.

But that’s about it.

Progressivism’s god, like the mythological gods of old, now fades away. Unlike the true Lord that the left’s Obamessiah has relentlessly persecuted for eight years, this god of the left will not rule a lasting kingdom. He afflicted nuns who care for the poor and churches who educate our children. He demanded they subsidize the murder of children and he insisted they had no right to religion outside worshipping within the four walls of a church. His own Supreme Court appointees rebuked him, but he persisted.

In his feigned faith, he preached a false gospel and worshipped the false god of state. To Barack Obama, we were not all part of God’s kingdom, but the state. The party he insisted could talk of God would instead boo God and the God of history would get the last laugh on November 8th.

Progressives are now ever more angry and unhinged because they thought they would never again be held to account by the masses they look down upon and they will watch the rebellion of the masses eradicate the history they thought they had cemented. The progressives who hoped to crush their enemies, see their enemies driven before them, and hear the lamentations of their women will have that happen to them now. They set precedents they never thought the other side would have the opportunity to use.

History will judge Barack Obama. Any assessment made now will be made in too partisan a lens.

But history will account for the man who told supporters to take guns to knife fights then saw more children gunned down in schools than the last President despite, for two years, having all of government at his hands to pass gun control.

History will account for the rise of the lone wolves willing to gun down and stab Americans at home under his watch.

History will account for his persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Catholic charities, and other religious institutions.

History will account for the Russians, under his watch, being able to hack his own party and become emboldened against the United States.

And history will account for Barack Obama daring to reach far and grab much only to see the outcome of that overreach be Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is Barack Obama’s legacy and that is why Barack Obama needed almost an hour on stage to try to convince himself and his worshippers that it is not so. But it is.

Goodbye, Mr. President.

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