Unreasonable Obstructionists: Democrats Use Fill-In-The-Blank Protest Signs to Oppose Gorsuch

There really is no reason to keep the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees. Democrats are showing they are going to obstruct no matter who it is. Now we know it is going to be Neil Gorsuch who even Barack Obama’s Solicitor General supports. But the left does not care about his credentials or pedigree. They’re still butt hurt over Merrick Garland not getting a hearing and had Merrick Garland gotten a hearing and been rejected, they’d have been butt hurt about that too.

They are going to oppose Gorsuch for the sake of opposing him. You need no further evidence of this than one tweet by Ben Sasse. At the Supreme Court tonight, the Democrats had pre-printed opposition signs, but had to let protestors hand write in the name of the nominee.

The Democrats would oppose Jesus Christ because of His positions on marriage and life. They’ll oppose anyone who is not a leftist. Kill the Supreme Court filibuster.

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