USA Today and Scott Gleeson Need to Apologize For What They Did to Kyler Murray

When Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray was 14 years old, he had a Twitter account. He is now 21 years old and named the Heisman trophy winner. That gave Scott Gleeson, a sportswriter at USA Today, the excuse to engage in character assassination of Murray for tweets made as a 14 and 15-year-old.

Murray had, as a young teenager, called someone “queer” and other things that provided ammunition for Gleeson to call him homophobic. Gleeson, a writer whose resume notes he has written viral content and who considers his work on the intersection of gay rights and sports to be portfolio worthy, took to USA Today with his salacious exposé on Murray’s underage content from six and seven years ago.

This has become a recurring theme with the press lately. When anyone scores any accomplishment, the media does its best to drag them down with old things. Gleeson could have written about Murray any time in the past few years as Murray’s star was rising, but he waited until the Heisman came along.

It is similar to the Kevin Hart situation. A decade ago, Hart made some rather anti-gay statements, and they sat there for a decade until the Academy Awards organizers asked Hart to host. Then suddenly the media pounced.

Increasingly, the media does seem to want to embrace President Trump’s caricature of them as the enemy of the people.

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