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Courtland Milloy is a fool and propogandist for African Nationalism and assorted other racist movements hidden in the veil of minority rights movements. Now he’s taking on Cuba and shows that blacks are at the bottom of society, but can’t bring himself to admit that there is significant racism in the Communist [not Socialist, Courtland] state.

There is no doubt that many black people know they are somehow stuck at the bottom of Cuba’s social and economic ladder. Still, they find the concept of cooperation over competition appealing. For many, Castro’s quest for a nonracial, egalitarian society is nothing if not noble.

Now, contrast that with some hard truths written by Jay Nordlinger

Above all, though, there is the belief–as fixed as it is false–that Castro has been good for black Cubans, that his takeover from Fulgencio Batista, the right-wing dictator who preceded him in power, meant a kind of emancipation for a previously shackled population. As Roger Wilkins puts it, with understatement, “Castro talks a better game on race than Batista.” Batista, however, was himself partly black, and contemned by the Cuban upper crust because of it. He may have been no Harry Truman, but he opened up the army for people like himself. Castro, in contrast, has created a nomenklatura that is as pale as he is. Even Charlie Rangel, his eye ever on the prize of affirmative action, said recently, “I’ve been giving Cuba’s officials hell because I don’t see enough African-Cubans [in government]–but they’ve improved a great deal.”

And this

Of particular sadness is Castro’s success at playing the race card. He’s got much of this country believing that he has been good for black Cubans. (I once did a piece on this subject: “In Castro’s Corner: A story of black and red.”) “Castro learned very early on the power of the race issue,” Lincoln Diaz-Balart explains. “His sociological base was always elite, anti-Republic, and racist.” The dictator Batista was actually a mulatto, and Castro was the Spaniards’ “Great White Hope.” As dictator, Castro has instituted a system of apartheid, whereby only foreigners and certain carefully vetted Cubans can enter particular hotels, hospitals, and beaches. Furthermore, many of the leading political prisoners and oppositionists are black.

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