Children play in Caracas' poor Petare neighborhood near a sign reading "Vote for Chavez" in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, Dec. 7, 2006. Overwhelmingly re-elected in recent presidential elections, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez begins a new term with the challenge of attending the growing needs of the poor, who feel unsatisfied with current crime levels, unemployment, poverty, and lack of decent housing. (AP Photo/Leslie Mazoch)

Venezualan Creates Youtube Series to Describe His ‘Socialist Hell’

Meet Carlos Gaio. Carlos is a 31-year-old Venezuelan who has undertaken describing his everyday life in a YouTube series unambiguously titled ‘My Socialist Hell.’ Some people might think the horror stories coming out of Venezuela are exaggerated or fake, he acknowledges, but one of his goals is to confirm that the “unappealing” portrayal of the situation in Venezuela by the news is absolutely accurate.

Carlos is an English teacher, but he has been unemployed for a year and a half, since December 2015. Language institutions are having great difficulty hiring language teachers, he explains, because they cannot pay them.  By teaching private lessons here or there, which is not permanent work, and by selling many of his belongings, he has been able “to survive, to eat just a little bit.”

Obviously the recent minimum wage hike doesn’t do any good for someone in Carlos’ position. Should he find a job, the minimum wage is reportedly $47 U.S. dollars a month, but with the out-of-control inflation, there is no telling how valuable the pay really is.

In the short term, Carlos wants to bring attention to his plight and raise money through donations to his bitcoin account. His ultimately goal is to leave the socialist hell in which he lives for Portugal, where some of his extended family resides and where he hopes to have a “normal life.”

Something as simple as a normal life is not possible for most Venezuelans. The political situation there is continually deteriorating. The Maduro regime, which does not govern so much as dictates, claims to embody socialist ideals, but Carlos states the obvious: a simple look at history shows that socialism never lives up to them. The so-called ‘Maduro Diet’ is not a paradisiacal weight loss regimen, but mass starvation derisively dismissed by those in power.

For obvious reasons, the video is unlisted, unviewable except to those who have a link. Fortunately, The Blaze included it in their story on Carlos and you can view Part 1 in its entirety below.

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