A striking study of Marshal Petain as he ordered our photographer from the room during the “sell-out” meeting of the council of ministers in Vichy on June 9, 1941. The council met to consider the Darlan-Hitler talks at Berchtesgaden. (AP Photo)

Vichy Republicans

In World War II, there was the French Resistance. And then there were the Vichy French lead by Marshall Phillipe Petain. Pre-emptively surrendering, the Vichy French worked hand in glove with the Germans during the war, fighting against the resistance. They weren’t just a conquered people, they were active participants in the occupation. Their rationale? Why fight when you might lose.

We have our own political version of the Vichy French. They are the Vichy Republicans, lead by their own Marshall, Mitch McConnell, a man recently called the “most conservative majority leader in history” (in history!!) by John Feehery, the former spokesman for Dennis Hastert.

But I digress.

For over a decade, elements of the Republican Party have decided that fighting against the Leviathan that is Washington, DC is not worth it and have chosen the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” path. As I noted the other day, this is the same crowd that gave us Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney as candidates. It’s also the same crowd that squeaked George W. Bush in in 2000 as a compassionate conservative and then set to work to expand the size and scope of government, many of whom know enrich themselves as lobbyists on K Street to advance corporate interests, not America’s interests.

Facing a resurgent Republican Resistance, the Vichy Republicans are taking up arms with Washington, DC against their base, more content to work with the powers that be in Washington, DC than their own base. Their anger is pointed directly at Ted Cruz right now and the outside groups that have given rise to him.

Why? Because he is upsetting their status quo and exposing them for what they are-soft and unprincipled.

So desperate are the Vichy Republicans right now, they are full on embracing Donald Trump as “the guy who can beat Hillary.”

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