[VIDEO] Krauthammer: Obama Paid Ransom Like It Was ‘Done By Gangsters’

Charles Krauthammer said what we’re all thinking. It’s not the $400 million paid to Iran. Obama just gave Iran $100 billion (with a “B”) in exchange for transparently false promises to not make a nuclear bomb and use it against Israel. Which Iran will use the $100 billion to do exactly that.

It’s not the fact that Iran got the money right when they were releasing American hostages, who had to wait for the money to arrive before they were allowed to leave. Nobody expects better of Obama, who crosses more of his own red lines than a cheap stripper dancing for crack.

But this was done by our own government, at night, skirting around our own laws, like drug dealers who think DEA or the FBI might show up at any moment.

BAIER: Charles, as the president is saying that, what he just said about this $400 million taken by unmarked cargo plane into Tehran, as the hostages were getting ready to leave, one of the hostages on Fox business today said that they were stuck on the tarmac for about two hours, and they asked why, what the delay was. And he said because we had to wait for another plane to land.

KRAUTHAMMER: Because they had to wait for the ransom to arrive. That’s what happens when you ransom a hostage. You wait until the cash arrives, and then the guy, in all the movies, is released to go across, you know, the field where he’s being released. Look, for them to try to pretend this was anything other than a ransom is laughable and I think it hurts their credibility.

You argue it was the only way, you can argue we were in negotiations and we thought what the heck, if we’re going to give them $150 billion elsewhere, why not $1.7? It’s not a lot. And then the president’s defense of the use of cash, as if this is well, we couldn’t wire the money. Why wouldn’t you wire it? He said because of sanctions. That means because they were actually going around the law, going around sanctions, and they had to do it illicitly, clandestinely, at night the way it’s done by gangsters. That’s because they were doing ransom. They didn’t want anyone to know. And they had to go around the law and the Congress. The Congress didn’t know. No, this is not old news. It’s new news, and it’s highly embarrassing. And the president is rather good with nows and made it sound completely natural.


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