Video: Oklahoma Congressman’s Town Hall Outburst

Bald-faced lies and uncontrolled outbursts are unacceptable from a child, let alone a Congressman.

At least a Congressman should know better!

3rd term Congressman Markwayne Mullin, however, continues to lower the expectations bar. Between a recent town hall rant and laying the groundwork to break his term-limit pledge, Rep. Mullin is showing unbounded contempt for his constituents.

“That’s bull crap. I paid for myself”

Holding town hall meetings during Congressional recess provides Representatives with an important opportunity to hear directly from their constituents and give them an unvarnished appraisal of what is going on in DC…But Markwayne Mullin’s constituents got more than they bargained for when they showed up for the meeting in Jay, Oklahoma last week.

While responding to a constituent’s question, Mullin further solidified a reputation for condescension by telling Oklahoma voters that he owes them nothing, because his lifetime taxes paid exceed his Congressional salary.

You said you pay for me to do this? That’s bull crap. I paid for myself.

The video above isn’t the only time that Rep. Mullin has tried to tell his constituents that he doesn’t owe them anything. Apparently he’s made a habit of using that line but it’s only recently become widespread in the news.

As an Oklahoma voter pointed out on Markwayne’s Facebook, “A man who believes that he is paying his own way in Washington will never feel obligated to represent the needs of his constituents. He only works for himself and therefore cannot lead.”

Since the outburst, Rep. Mullin’s constituents, news outlets and even international attention have all weighed in and the response is unanimous: Rep. Mullin needs a civics lesson.

Lying is Apparently OK if God Tells You To…

During his first campaign for Congress, Mullin gained significant traction as a result of a 3 cycle term limit pledge. If elected, Markwayne promised that he would only run for two subsequent terms, capping him at 6 years as a Representative…Well, he’s laying the groundwork to break that pledge by running a 4th time…and he’s blaming God for the lie

Oklahoma has a growing tradition of legislators self-imposing term limits on themselves. Sen. Coburn is a great example of this, both during his tenure in the House and Senate. Oklahomans repeatedly rewarded his conviction and Dr. Coburn stayed true to his word. In fact, Dr. Coburn endorsed against Rep. Mullin in the 2016 primary race in large part due to the fact that Mullin was already back-tracking on his term-limits pledge.

Recently, Mullin has filed his 2018 Declaration of Candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission, further stoking the idea that he plans to officially break his word.

Through it all, Mullin’s staff have pushed the narrative that basically amounts to, “He hasn’t broken his word YET!” At the same time, they are putting out statements declaring that Mullin wants to “be a career legislator.

The fact of the matter is that if Rep. Mullin had an ounce of conviction, related to keeping his word, he would have done what Rep. Bridenstine last cycle and clearly stated that he would be keeping his promise and not seeking another term in 2018. All this waffling and blaming God for encouraging him to lie is absolutely embarrassing.

Mullin is Everything Wrong with DC

Rep. Mullin is a prime example of everything wrong with Washington, DC. His word can only be counted on if it currently aligns with his personal best interest. From his ignorance of basic civics and absence of even an ounce of humility to his casual relationship with the truth, there is no doubt that Oklahoma’s 2nd District deserves better than Rep. Mullin has to offer.

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