VIDEO: Ouch! Maria Bartiromo Rips Jonathan Gruber Over Obamacare

Maria Bartiromo was joined by Obamacare architect, Jonathon Gruber to discuss the latest challenges the law has faced. It did not take long for things to get tense.

From The Blaze:

“You take a state like Arizona and other states where it’s high, that’s because these states have fought the law rather than supported it,” Gruber said.

On the other hand, Gruber said that if you look at states that have “behaved” how the Obama administration wants them to — citing states that have expanded Medicare — then you would see that “premiums are very much under control.”

“It’s very hard to make the case that you’re making knowing what the reality is, and the reality is families cannot afford Obamacare,” Bartiromo replied. “And the reality is premiums for families across the country have skyrocketed, and even if you’re in a plan with your company like you say so many people are, companies are not hiring more workers because they are being forced to provide health care.”

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