Vincente Fox Keepin’ CNN F-ing Classy

This morning on CNN, former Mexican president Vincente Fox used his favorite word to describe President Trump’s border wall.

“You can use my words. We will never pay for that f***ing wall,” Fox said. “Why should Mexico pay for the wall. What is the reason? We don’t need a wall.”


Alisyn Camerota cracked an awkward smile, apologized to viewers, and moved on.

“I apologize to our morning audience for the salty language this morning. Perhaps I should have taken that offer for the five-second delay,” she said.

Ya think?

It’s not like Mr. Fox has never used that word on live television before. The man can’t say “wall” without saying “F**king” before it.

Note to producers: if Vincente Fox is going on a live show, use the five-second (in fact, make it seven seconds) delay. Nobody keeps it F-in classy like Mr. Fox.

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