Virginia Company Aims to Increase Access to Great Outdoors

What happens when you marry love of the outdoors with a touch of Airbnb? You get companies like Outdoor Access, the Richmond, VA-based company all anglers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts should familiarize themselves with.

Outdoor Access, Inc., is an online marketplace for fishing and hunting properties that launched last September. Their goal? To make the outdoors more accessible and affordable for outdoor enthusiasts–especially those with kids. They work closely with private land owners to showcase and rent out their properties. Despite launching in September, the company is seeing immense success with their intended audiences.

This is a new avenue in the outdoor industry that hasn’t been done before. With the rise of the gig economy and ride-sharing, companies like Outdoor Access should be welcomed with open arms.

In an exclusive interview with The Resurgent – with video to be published shortly – co-owner Buck Robinson said his company is all about affording choice and opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

“In our model, landowners are able to make their properties available on a fractional basis for a day, a weekend, or a week for any variety of outdoor recreation,” Robinson said.

The East Coast doesn’t have much of public lands like the Western United States does. Recognizing this, Buck and his team realized why not make extend access to outdoor opportunities through a service like theirs?

“Sometimes the public option is not exactly the ideal outdoor experience,” Robinson said.  “We wanted to create a platform that utilized private land but also doesn’t require you to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a traditional club or something along those lines.”

Even Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe recognized Outdoor Access, Inc.:

Robinson said the goal of Outdoor Access is to provide an immediate clearinghouse to find properties. The company, he said, has immediate plans to expand to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and even as far south as Florida. Their goal is to be national within a few years.

Members must submit to a comprehensive background check before using the platform. Below is a sampling of their prices (screen shotted for you from their website):


Memberships are valued at $9.99/month and $99.00/year. Additional charges for property rentals may apply but average about $35 for daily use. How about that? Time in the outdoors at a reasonable cost–something our readers will enjoy discovering.

Stay tuned for our exclusive video with Outdoor Access’ Buck Robinson to learn more about this great new online marketplace. In the meantime, follow Outdoor Access, Inc. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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