Sarasota, FL, USA - November 28, 2015: People taking part in an anti Donald Trump protest at the presidential candidate's tour stop in Sarasota FL

Virginia Democrats Show a Trump Voter Trying to Run Over Muslims. But Ummmm…

Proving they have learned nothing from 2016 and their blanket statements of “please believe us now, we’re sorry for screaming racism about every other Republican,” Virginia Democrats have been running ads depicting a Trump voter/Ed Gillespie voter in a Ford truck with a rebel flag, Gillespie bumper sticker, and “Don’t Tread on Me” vanity plate trying to run over Muslim children and others.

Then, yesterday in New York, a Muslim terrorist plowed into a crowd exactly as the Virginia Democrats claim Trump voters would do. Naturally, they have taken down the ad.

But it really tells you about the mental state of the Democrats that they can more easily presume a Trump voter would run over children of various ethnicities and run that ad as multiple Muslim terrorists around the world have been driving vehicles into crowds.

It says nothing good about Democrats that they could so easily run an ad like about Trump and Gillespie voters. It says even worse about the media that much of the press saw nothing wrong with the ad.

And now we have an Islamic terrorist in New York kill multiple Americans by driving a truck through a crowd, just as Democrats think a Trump voter would behave.

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