Virginia Voters Know Tim Kaine is No Milquetoast Moderate

On Friday, Hillary Clinton unveiled her running mate: Tim Kaine.

Kaine’s selection was quite predictable. Although some of us here in Virginia suspected Clinton would tap longtime bundler, friend, and current Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, Tim Kaine is the natural choice for her. McAuliffe has way too many skeletons in his closet–making Kaine the safer bet.

Why was Kaine selected as Clinton’s running mate? Tim Kaine is a current sitting U.S. Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia. (Virginia is a swing state.) He was first elected in 2012. He previously served as a lawyer and has an illustrious career in Democrat politics. He was first elected to Richmond City Council, followed by stints as Mayor of Richmond, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor of Virginia. He called himself “boring” in a recent interview. He’ll allow Clinton to shine but give the Democrat ticket some balance. Plus, he speaks Spanish and previously served as DNC chairman. And oddly enough, Kaine was reportedly on President Obama’s VP shortlist in 2008.

Sounds like the perfect running mate for Clinton, no? Even better: Kaine fits perfectly well with today’s Democrat Party.

We keep hearing claims that Kaine is super moderate and very affable. He may have cordial relationships with his Republican colleagues, but Kaine is undoubtedly loyal to his party. And while he may occasionally deviate from his fellow Democrats, he’s hardly a moderate. FiveThirtyEight lists him as a “mainstream Democrat” whose views are quite similar to those of VP Joe Biden’s.

Having been a constituent of his since he was first elected–by force, not by choice–I’m one of millions with a front row seat into “moderate” Tim Kaine’s tenure. Not surprisingly, he has supported all but moderate positions. Here are some things he’s pushed or promoted in the U.S. Senate thus far:

I don’t see anything on the aforementioned list qualifying Kaine as a moderate, do you?

As governor, Kaine pushed similar left-wing agenda policies onto Virginians. First, he established a Climate Change Commission in 2008. (Its full report on recommendations–which aren’t so amenable to free markets or people–can be found here.) Additionally, he proposed $4 billion in tax increases–but that proposal never passed. In 2008, he backed a $22 million deal in the Virginia General Assembly to make pre-K education more “accessible” to at-risk four-year-olds. (Huh?) Moreover, he vetoed numerous pieces of pro-gun legislation–particularly a 2008 bill to allow right-to-carry legislation in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

As mayor of Richmond, he got heat for using $6,000 in taxpayer money to fund bus trips to the June 2000 anti-gun Million Mom March in Washington, D.C. He later paid back that amount after facing immense backlash.

His leftist views are also compounded by very acts of corruption. (Shocker!) Kaine took $160,000 in gifts in travel, clothes, and gifts from 2001-2009. Job well done, HRC. What a quality choice you made to help advance your leftist agenda!

As one brave U.S. senator said last week, vote your conscience–vote for candidates who will uphold the Constitution and freedom-minded ideas this fall.

Voters are faced with a quandary this November. Both tickets haven’t offered a positive, liberty-minded vision for the future. One ticket is headed up by a lifelong Democrat whose newfound “conservatism” is disingenuous and dangerous at best, while the other is headed up by a corrupt and soulless Saul Alinsky protege.

Hard choices, indeed.

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