Voter Registration List Proves the Fountain of Youth is in Los Angeles

In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon traveled to Florida to find the Fountain of Youth. Legend has it that there was a fountain that could restore one’s youth. The Fountain of Youth was never discovered. However, according to the Los Angles County Voter Registration list, it has become clear that Juan Ponce de Leon was only 2,455 miles short of his desired destination.

According to the Election Integrity Project, California Inc. (EIPCa), the Los Angeles County Voter Registration list has approximately 12,000 registered voters over the age of 105. Of those, 1,000 registered voters were born in the 1800s. This means that there are 1,000 registered voters in Los Angeles who are over 118 years old.

According to Gerontology Research Group (GRG), the oldest person living in the world today is 117 years old. GRG is the world’s expert on verifying and tracking supercentenarians (those over 110 years old). They clearly have not been doing their job. Official government records prove that there are significantly more supercentenarians living in the world than GRG reports.

It is completely inexcusable for GRG not to be looking at official government records. GRG is based at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). This is clearly the biggest cover-up in American history. One of the worlds largest research universities is not reporting that people live substantially longer in Los Angeles, California.

Now we know why the United States film industry would establish in Los Angeles County. They want to live near the legendary waters of the Fountain of Youth. Hollywood has been deceiving us for years. All this time we thought that Hollywood actors were receiving facial lifts and tummy tucks. In reality, they have been drinking from the Fountain of Youth.

EIPCa has performed a great service for the sick and aging people of the world. Their discovery of approximately 12,000 people living in Los Angeles County over the age of 105 will provide explorers the information they need to finally discover the exact location of the Fountain of Youth. With the inevitable discovery of the Fountain of Youth, Los Angeles will have to build larger airports and more roads. The discovery of the Fountain of Youth will be the largest mass immigration to the State of California since the Gold Rush in 1849.

Alternatively, there could be a completely logical answer to the discovery of so many supercentenarians living in California. That answer is that Los Angeles County is violating the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). They are violating the NVRA by failing to properly clean their voter files of those who have passed away. Recently, Judicial Watch and EIPCa notified the state of California that they were in violation of the NVRA. Based on publicly available records, there are 11 counties in California that have more than 100% voter registration. Leading this list is the county of Los Angeles which Judicial Watch reports having 144% of the eligible adults registered to vote.

Maybe, just maybe, there is no Fountain of Youth. Maybe the GRG is correct that there are only 44 living supercentenarians. Maybe Los Angeles County has been violating election law. If Los Angeles County has more registered voters than eligible voters, it causes one to wonder what other election laws they are violating? It is a sad day when those who are tasked with enforcing the law have become so partisan that they are intentionally choosing to violate the law.

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