VOX Writes 1st Trump/Pence 2020 Ad

You have to hand it to VOX. It’s not often you read a blistering hit piece on a department within the federal government, and actually walk away feeling better about life than before.

While not even close to being intellectually honest, VOX was able to articulate how horrendously the liberals believe the EPA has gone off the rails. Detail by excruciating detail. It was great. Even the title was uplifting: “Trump and Pruitt are the biggest threat to the EPA in its 47 years of existence” , and from there it only got better:

It’s been quite a week for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. On Thursday, we learned — thanks to reports in Climatewire and the New York Times — that he met with coal executives and lobbyists at a meeting of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity and promised them “red team, blue team” exercises to evaluate climate science. It was a clear signal that Pruitt intends to take government-sanctioned climate skepticism to the next level.

Then there’s the wonderful detail VOX provided in an effort to prove their opening thesis. To wit: “Trump/Pruitt bad – Obama EPA good” But, and this is what was so fun, they only managed to provide clear outline for a Reelect Trump/Pence 2020 TV spot:

  • He claimed it was on course to better fulfill its “core” missions even while seeking 31 percent fewer funds, and a 25 percent smaller staff.

  • The proposed repeal of the Waters of the US rule.

  • We found that morale there has plummeted, anxiety is rife, science is being choked off, and much work has been paralyzed.

  • Our report, along with the news reports of Pruitt’s anti-science antics this week, confirms that Trump and Pruitt pose the biggest threat the EPA has faced in its 47 years of existence.

  • With single-minded, often secretive methods, he has led a charge to breakdown the agency’s mores and mission.

  • Pence joined Trump to declare the agency’s “war on coal” and its “attack on American industry” to be over.

  • The war on the EPA has been swift and brutal. The budget put forth by the White House for fiscal year 2018, which Pruitt defended before Congress, signaled an unmistakably hostile intent to those inside the agency.

  • EPA has been slated for single-year reductions broader and deeper than any put forth by the Reagan White House, and the largest for any major federal agency.

  • They target climate change programs and scientific research but also much more: 47 programs would be eliminated entirely and 50 to 90 percent slices taken from many others, across nearly every facet of EPA’s mission.

  • Get rid of two old rules for every new one, to review existing rules for “burdensomeness,” to reorganize with a view to downsizing

This alone is enough there to make any conservative’s heart go pitter-pat But wait, there’s more:

  • On all these fronts, the current assault on the agency is well on track to wreak greater havoc than Reagan did.
  • Today, with Republicans in control of Congress through 2018 and so many of them utterly hostile to the agency and its work,
  • Trump and Pruitt have every opportunity to deal the agency a more crippling blow. Many longtime employees told us think that’s precisely what will happen.

This is how VOX describes the federal government worker’s attitudes inside the EPA:

Pruitt’s secretive and closed-circle decision-making has exacerbated agency employees’ anxieties and disgruntlement. Even those staffers reluctant to criticize admit to disarray; frankly describe their office as in a state of “near paralysis.” Little wonder, then, that so many long-serving employees in Pruitt’s EPA report morale there to be lower than they’ve ever seen. Some have already resigned, in more or less vocal protest, and a new round of buy-out offers has many others contemplating leaving.

And without even realizing it, VOX’s conclusion is a better ending for the Trump/Pence TV spot than for themselves:

The “consensus” among many is that “at bottom,” the new leadership is “basically trying to destroy the place.” …It furthers a goal Pruitt reaffirmed at his hearing, of shrinking the agency’s workforce.

I don’t know about you, but this kind of article just makes the 4th of July holiday even better. I can’t decide to go find a cigarette or open the window and scream out “Yay!”

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