Evangelist Franklin Graham autographs a book written by his father, famed evangelist Billy Graham, after a mass prayer rally on Boston Common, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016, in Boston. Graham is holding a 50-state "Decision America" tour to urge evangelicals to vote. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Wall Street Journal Writer Thinks the Billy Graham Rule Results in Terrorism Against Women

The Wall Street Journal really has gone off the rails in recent weeks.

Over the past two weeks, the editorial page has savaged conservatives in Congress for refusing to affirm Obamacare. They assailed the House Freedom Caucus for not supporting Obamacare-lite. They let Karl Rove take a shot at them. Them they assailed them for an unwillingness to compromise.

Not once did they go after the Tuesday Group, which is the liberal Republican group, that is refusing to meet with conservatives to try to form a compromise healthcare plan. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is all conservatives’ fault that the Republican health care plan did not pass.

Now Brett Stephens, who writes on the editorial page, is attacking evangelical Christians. Stephens, you should know, is the Wall Street Journal writer who believes there is no such thing as a Republican establishment.

After the story of Mike Pence not eating alone with other women turned into liberal outrage, a Danish journalist compared Pence’s actions to those of an orthodox Muslim, to which Stephens responded:

Not eating alone with women other than one’s wife is “terror”? Really? How shallow. But also how insulting can you get?

This is the Billy Graham rule that many Christians, myself included, follow. It keeps gossip from growing, prevents false accusations, and respects my wife. Does Stephens really think Billy Graham is a terrorist?

The Wall Street Journal editorial page has, like much of the media, shown no willingness to learn anything from the November election other than to double down on contempt. Peggy Noonan seems to be the only writer with a sense of the nation over there.

I still find it funny that the Wall Street Journal editorial page assailed RedState and me for even daring to have invited Donald Trump to the RedState Gathering in 2015 and then assailed us again for not bending over backwards to support him. Now the Journal carries the President’s water, unless they can carry Paul Ryan’s, but continues to attack the Republican base and evangelical Christians.

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