WaPo Editors Think Trump’s Government Isn’t Big Enough

Whatever the Washington Post editors think, it’s probably best for the Trump administration to take that totally to heart, then do the complete opposite. In this case, the esteemed newshounds at Jeff Bezos’ media toy think President Trump’s government is just too small for their tastes.

Mr. Trump’s calling card to be an effective president was his business experience, that he built skyscrapers. If he is to succeed in building government, he ought to pay extra attention to the high vacancy rate in Trumpville.

Their chief complaint: that Trump has only named 34 of 549 key political appointments, of which only 14 have been confirmed. They cite roughly 4,100 positions that Trump needs to fill.

Yet here’s Trump proclaiming a government hiring freeze in his first full day in the White House. To the Washington swamp people, it’s unthinkable that a hiring freeze for GS-rated jobs would affect political appointees. It’s just awful that the press isn’t getting its daily briefing from the State Department. But nobody’s been hired.

Maybe Trump is putting the taxpayers’ money where his mouth is.

Speaking to reporters Monday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said there has been “a lack of respect for taxpayer dollars in this town for a long time and I think what the president’s showing through the hiring freeze . . . [is] that we’ve got to respect the American taxpayer.”

“Some people are working two, three jobs just to get by,” he added. “And to see money get wasted in Washington on a job that is duplicative is insulting to the hard work that they do to pay their taxes.”

WaPo editors’ carping only hurts their own reputation, and their case that Trump isn’t being effective. The hiring freeze has been in effect since Jan. 24, and the government has not collapsed. We don’t have dogs and cats running in the streets, and civil society has not crashed to a halt.

Perhaps Trump’s 4,100 appointees weren’t all needed? To the D.C. illuminati, that’s just crazy talk. They’d rather complain that Trump isn’t filling positions they think are necessary, but in reality, probably most of them aren’t.

I do hope the Trump administration keeps taking WaPo editors advice and doing the opposite, because it might just prove how useless the Washington establishment really is, while making the government do less, with less.

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