WaPo Gets “Plane” Crazy

The Washington Post is suddenly concerned about the proper use of taxpayer funded aircraft.

As Donald Trump’s reelection campaign gets underway (you read that right), the Washington Post is diligently monitoring his use of the taxpayer funded jumbo jet known colloquially as “Air Force One.”

Wait—let me address this pet peeve of mine first.  “Air Force One” is the call sign used for any Air Force aircraft that is carrying the President of the United States.  It is not the name of the famous blue and white Boeing VC-25s that commonly perform that roll.

Moving on…

WaPo is concerned that President Trump might use the vaunted VC-25 as a campaign prop in his upcoming political rally in Melbourne, Florida.  They note that during his campaign Mr. Trump frequently utilized his privately owned Boeing 757 to stage dramatic entrances to campaign rallies held in large airplane hangars.  Our friends at the Post are sure to remind us that using an Air Force aircraft in the same manner would be quite the ethical violation.

Isn’t it nice to know that all of the world’s major problems have been solved so soon into Mr. Trump’s presidency?  If a major newspaper is making sure that a taxpayer funded plane is staged properly for a rally and the President himself is running to be reelected to an office he hasn’t even held for a month, that must mean that everything else is fixed already!

What a relief.

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