WAR: Wasserman-Schultz vs Sanders/Warren. Can Both Lose??

In an appearance May 2nd on CNN’s Erin Burnett, disgraced DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz surprised the world while defending fmr President Barack Obama’s recently disclosed $400,000 payday for a speech at a New York event last month, and plans to do the same at a health care consortium in September.

Preceding the exchange, Burnett played video of Sens Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders criticizing the president, likening big money ties as “serpents in the grass.”

A visibly irritated [D-Dubs for short] shot back, “look, it is none of anyone’s business what someone who is a member of the private sector decides to accept as compensation… It’s just, like, ‘NYOB,'” she reiterated, trying to sound relevant… “none of your business.”

Hang on.

I couldn’t believe my ears either, so I thanked God for inventing DVRs and rewound it to listen again.

Sure enough, she made me agree with her for the first time in history. But the irony was clearly lost on the moment, other than Burnett’s blank stare.

As a freshman congresswoman, D-Dubs’ Democratic Caucus wrote in 2006: “An average C.E.O. makes more before lunch on his first day of work than a minimum wage earner will make all year.”

The same woman repeatedly bashed companies’ high executive pay at the alleged expense of their workers, and supported President Obama’s 2010 executive pay limits on TARP companies. She also voted in April 2007 to make CEO salaries subject to public scrutiny and even to force them to be subject to the votes of shareholders only, not corporate boards (2009).

Her scorecard on free market economics is dismal. Other than her odd position on payday loan sharks (a large and effective lobby in Florida), she’s spent a career in congress hammering anti-wealthy talking points like a robot. Of course, we all know that.

So, her newfound appreciation for the free market is refreshing.

Just kidding, I’m not fooled either.

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