Washington Loves Donald Trump More Than Ted Cruz

For months, Donald Trump’s core supporters have told the nation that they do not care if Donald Trump offends anyone. Everyone is so fixated on being liked, they’ve become politically correct unwilling and unable to offend anyone.

Suddenly, however, the Washington political class is attacking Ted Cruz for being unlikable and the very Trump supporters who love that Trump offends the politically correct now think it is a reason to vote against Ted Cruz that Washington hates him.

Are you people not paying attention?

Former Senator Bob Dole, who ran against Ronald Reagan declaring Reagan would be the death of the GOP, has declared he would rather have Donald Trump than Ted Cruz while endorsing Jeb Bush.

Former Senator Trent Lott, who has regularly attacked the tea party and conservative activists, has declared that Trump is preferable to Ted Cruz.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, whose son is an ethanol lobbyist, has declared Cruz must be defeated at all costs.

Lobbyists on K Street are savaging Cruz and declaring Trump to be preferable.

The Republican opinion class declares Ted Cruz satanic while suggesting Trump would be malleable enough on principles to win.

The Washington political establishment would prefer Donald Trump to Ted Cruz because they see Donald Trump is more likely to preserve their access to power and status quo. Suddenly Donald Trump’s campaign thinks being hated by Washington disqualifies Ted Cruz for office after campaigning for months on how much he’d rock Washington’s world. Does it not bear just a little skepticism on the part of his supporters that suddenly being liked by Washington matters?

And it’s not like Washington’s hatred of Ted Cruz is made up. They’ve been attacking him since he got there. They’ve also, by the way, been coddling up to Donald Trump since 2011 and seeking his money.

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