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Washington Post Blames Inanimate Objects Instead of the People Using Them

This may be the stupidest editorial ever by the Washington Post editorial board and that is an extremely high bar.

Fake guns, they want you to know, are getting people killed.

Just read this paragraph:

As part of its ongoing examination of fatal shootings by police started in 2015, The Post examined what police across the country say are increasing faceoffs against people with toy or replica guns that are so realistic they look identical to real weapons. At least 86 people over the past two years were killed in these encounters, according to the “Fatal Force” report, the first accounting since a study in 1990, when Congress last addressed the issue. Other revelations from the Post report: Mental illness was a common theme, white men were the majority of victims, and the calls included domestic disturbances, robberies and neighborhood patrols.

Police are engaging in “faceoffs” against people and the guns are to blame for the faceoffs?

Why are the guns to blame exactly?

Someone bought the person the fake gun. Someone held the fake gun in a disturbance. But we’re going to blame the fake gun? This is ridiculous.

The Washington Post is so against guns, including toy guns, that they’d rather blame the toy gun than blame the person causing a disturbance using the fake gun.

The fake gun is not the problem. Idiots are. The Washington Post tries to outline sympathetic scenarios where fake guns caused the police to shoot people, but just read these:

Some cases were heartbreaking, such as the mentally distraught 52-year-old killed in front of his family and the 16-year-old boy shot after a breakup with a girl.

The gun was not to blame for the 52 year old getting killed. It was the man’s behavior. The gun did not cause the 16 year old to get shot, but his behavior.

Alachua County, Fla., Sheriff Sadie Darnell said of the officers who shot the 16-year-old and later realized the assault weapon the teen was aiming was fake.

The teenager was aiming a gun. Yes, it may have been fake, but the teenager’s behavior caused him to get shot, not the gun.

This is ridiculous escapism by the Washington Post in the name of gun control — this time fake gun control.

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