Washington Post Labels Yale Professor “Anti-Intellectual” for Daring to Think Independently

Yale computer science professor David Gelernter is a brilliant scientist and thinker. He and his wife developed a programming language in the 80s that allowed smaller computers to link to a single supercomputer – something we take for granted today. He is a thoughtful and talented writer, with articles appearing in magazines like Commentary and the Weekly Standard. And he has furthered the debate over the ethics of artificial intelligence. Clearly, Gelernter is an intellectual’s intellectual.

Oh, and Gelernter sustained critical injuries when one of the Unabomber’s devices exploded in his hand.

The Washington Post has slapped Gelernter with an interesting label in the wake of the Trump inauguration: “fiercely anti-intellectual.” What’s the professor’s crime against the academic world? Why, thinking differently from the leftwing orthodoxy, of course.

Gelernter has been a particularly vocal critic of President Obama, going so far as to call him a “third-rate tyrant” in the same Wall Street Journal opinion piece in which he called Hillary Clinton a phony. He has criticized the political bent of academia on numerous occasions, particularly in his 2013 book America-Lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture (and Ushered In the Obamacrats).

But it gets worse: Gelernter has taken a stand against the man-made climate change narrative that is so pervasive in the science world. And the kicker? The professor is under consideration to be Donald Trump’s science adviser.

In case you were wondering, the Union of Concerned Scientists has weighed in:

Andrew Rosenberg, director of the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists, opined, “He’s certainly not mainstream in the science community or particularly well known. His views even on most of the key science questions aren’t known. Considering the huge range of issues the White House needs to consider, I don’t know if he has that kind of capability.”

Gelernter is obviously an independent thinker, and the leftists in academia can’t stand it.

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