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WATCH: Abortionist Chats About Selling Baby Parts, but the Whistleblowers Are the Bad Guys

We must begin by noting that there are no legitimate defenses for the horror that is the abortion industry.

The popular myth is that this is a women’s health issue, but statistics… aka… facts tell another story.

According to the most recent survey, less than 3 percent of the women who have abortions do so because of health concerns.

Rape or incest? A whopping 1 percent of abortion cases are because of those reasons.

Even when fetal health is a concern, again, that’s only 3 percent of abortion cases.

In fact, the grand bulk of abortions – over 80 percent – are a matter of convenience. Either the mother was immature, couldn’t afford a child, or they were upset with the father of their child and didn’t want to end up as a single mother.

It is a callous disregard for the preciousness of life that props up an industry that is nothing more than legalized infanticide.

For those who run the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood and their associates, they’ve learned to make a profit, both by scamming the government, and by making dead baby parts into a retail industry.

On Wednesday, the Center for Medical Progress, the undercover operation that first blew the lid off of Planned Parenthood’s baby parts mill in 2014 released the full, unedited video of Dr. Mary Gatter, the abortionist from the CMP’s first spate of videos who was caught joking that what she charged for intact tissues from aborted babies was going to help her buy a Lamborghini.


Mary Gatter serves as President of the Medical Director’s Council at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. As such, Gatter’s conversation with the undercover journalists shows that there was approval of the baby body parts trade from the very top of the Planned Parenthood organization. In fact, she admits all but one low volume Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Southern California was already involved in contracts to sell aborted baby remains to Novogenix, a middle-man organ procurement company.

In the video, Gatter can be seen and heard discussing pricing for intact livers, lungs, and brains, even explaining that $50 was low end and something they would have paid 12 years ago.

I’m not sure who the gentleman is shooting the footage or talking with Gatter, but David Daleiden, and his colleague, Sandra Merritt, investigators for CMP, were charged in March 2017 by a liberal California Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, with 15 felony counts of recording private conversations without consent of the other party.

However, the conversations shown in the most recent video — and all others released by the CMP — shows conversations taking place at noisy social gatherings, public restaurants, or other places where there are large numbers of people milling about within earshot. In such public environments, there is no expectation of privacy. This exposes the California criminal charges against the CMP journalists as baseless and politically motivated.

Politically motivated, indeed.

Pro-life advocates have pushed lawmakers to take action on the vile practices revealed by CMP’s undercover work.

An extensive year-long investigation by both the Senate Judicial Committee and the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives uncovered a huge amount of evidence against five Planned Parenthood organizations that is described in great detail in the final investigative reports.

While whistleblowers like Daleiden and Merritt face charges, people like Mary Gatter continue to add to their bank accounts, thanks to the selfish desires of those women who would rather kill their offspring than take responsibility for their actions.

Watch the full video below.

Then pray for the soul of a nation that would allow this to go unanswered.

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