WATCH: AG Lynch Meeting With Slick Willy ‘Bad Judgment’

Can we get an “Amen?” As every woman stuffed into a private jet with Bill Clinton eventually admits, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said it was “bad judgment” and “I wouldn’t do it again.” From the Top Ten list at MSNBC‘s comedy department.

Former Dem. Party Chair Ed Rendell: If there was anything nefarious going on, they wouldn’t have done it on an airplane in public view. They’d do it over the telephone.

Everyone knows Bill prefers face time.

But when cornered, Lynch thought it wouldn’t impact her work with the Department of Justice to meet with the husband of a woman running for president who is under an active FBI investigation. [Click here for video courtesy of Daily Caller.]

Acknowledging that it was the “question of the day” Lynch said, “I think that’s a perfectly reasonable question… because people have also wondered and raised questions about my role in the ultimate resolution of matters involving the investigation into the State Department e-mails.”

“And to the extent that people have questions about that, about my role in that, certainly my meeting with him raises questions and concerns, and so believe me, I completely get that question, and I think it is the question of the day,” Lynch said

In places outside the fantasy-world of Washington, D.C., I am willing to wager that a chief prosecutor in any jurisdiction meeting privately with the spouse of a person under active law enforcement and grand jury investigation, in a private plane, would be reason for censure. In most places where Real Things Happen, it might even result in that person being fired or prosecuted, or at least disbarred.

But in Phoenix, when both parties are a wink-and-a-nod away from high crimes and misdemeanors, it’s just “bad optics.”

Sometimes, I have to ask myself if Clinton and Trump have a bet going on to show who can win an election despite trying hardest to lose it. After election day in November, it will be like the Dukes in “Trading Places” when one of them hands the other a crisp $1 bill.

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