WATCH: Faith Trumps Fear

By: Paul Hastings
A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I were reflecting on the sad state of this year’s presidential election. Leader after leader in the Christian community had come out in support of Trump, a candidate that is so hostile to so much of God’s teaching. Yet here were the Christian leaders that we admired telling us the very opposite of what they had preached for so long; that values no longer mattered.
It was incredibly disheartening to hear many of my Christian friends begin repeating what these leaders were saying. That we needed to support Trump because he was the only hope we have to stop Hillary.
But we knew there are many Christians still on the fence. They’re asking themselves, should they vote for Trump? So we made this video to tell them what we believed. That perhaps God has a greater calling on Believers than choosing the “lesser” of too evils. A calling to holiness.

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