WATCH: Leftist Ellison Supporters Protest New DNC Chair

In what the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel termed a “contentious party meeting,” Rep. Keith Ellison was defeated in his bid for DNC Chairman. I’m disappointed that the Democrats didn’t do what they’ve been urged to do and embrace the leftward momentum into the socialist, atheist, anti-Zionist abyss.

It took two ballots and a close vote, 235 to 200, for Tom Perez to take the prize–if you can call it a prize, given what happened to the last two people in that particular hot seat.

And in a display of party unity useless protest, Ellison supporters demonstrated against the wrong kind of diversity. Perez is the first Latino DNC Chairman.

Watch them chant “power to the people, not big money!”

Just like supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who wanted to move the Democrats where they’re clearly drawn to go, Ellison supporters refuse to go down without a shout.

“If you polled Democrats outside of this room, Keith would win,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’s campaign manager during his 2016 presidential bid. “Keith’s support is from the people on the street.”

So once again, the far-left wing of the Democratic Party has to settle for someone they don’t really want. Just think, they could have had Howard Dean again.

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