Watch This Good Samaritan Save a Cat After It Falls Off Docks

Not everyone wants to be outraged on a Sunday. If that’s you, maybe you’ll enjoy this video of a man saving a cat after it falls off a dock into the icy ocean.

ITV News in London tweeted out video of the Sunday morning fantastic feline grab. Two cats were having a disagreement of some kind when a chase broke out, with one cat chasing the other to the edge of the dock. The second cat skidded off the dock and into the water before it could stop itself.

Luckily, a man nearby saw the fall and leapt to action.

The cat responsible for the accident doesn’t stick around to see if his victim is okay. Like any smart cat he high-tails out of there to leave the blame and work for someone else.

No word yet on what initially sparked the cat confrontation but rumors say some curiosity may have been involved.

We concur with ITV when they say “Someone buy this man a cup of tea!”

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